Alfresco language packs nightly builds

This page contains packages of unsupported translations being developed by community members. The list of languages officially supported for a specific version of Alfresco is in the documentation for that version. To provide feedback on an official translation, please open an issue in JIRA.

The packages listed here are nightly builds of community language packs. They are most useful for translators and developers. You can contribute by joining the translation team at CrowdIn. Please read the instructions in the wiki and join the mailing list. Fresh packages are generated from CrowdIn every two hours.

Mature community translations offer stable language packs downloads on their project website either listed on the project page at CrowdIn, or in the Alfresco Add-ons directory.

Language Repo file Share file RM repo file RM share file
Albanian alfresco-sq.jar share-sq.jar repo-rm-sq.jar share-rm-sq.jar
Amharic alfresco-am.jar share-am.jar repo-rm-am.jar share-rm-am.jar
Arabic (project website) alfresco-ar.jar share-ar.jar repo-rm-ar.jar share-rm-ar.jar
Azerbaijani alfresco-az.jar share-az.jar repo-rm-az.jar share-rm-az.jar
Bahasa Indonesia alfresco-id.jar share-id.jar repo-rm-id.jar share-rm-id.jar
Basque alfresco-eu.jar share-eu.jar repo-rm-eu.jar share-rm-eu.jar
Bulgarian alfresco-bg.jar share-bg.jar repo-rm-bg.jar share-rm-bg.jar
Catalan alfresco-ca.jar share-ca.jar repo-rm-ca.jar share-rm-ca.jar
Croatian alfresco-hr.jar share-hr.jar repo-rm-hr.jar share-rm-hr.jar
Czech alfresco-cs.jar share-cs.jar repo-rm-cs.jar share-rm-cs.jar
Danish alfresco-da.jar share-da.jar repo-rm-da.jar share-rm-da.jar
English, United Kingdom alfresco-en-GB.jar share-en-GB.jar repo-rm-en-GB.jar share-rm-en-GB.jar
Estonian alfresco-et.jar share-et.jar repo-rm-et.jar share-rm-et.jar
Filipino alfresco-fil.jar share-fil.jar repo-rm-fil.jar share-rm-fil.jar
Galician alfresco-gl.jar share-gl.jar repo-rm-gl.jar share-rm-gl.jar
Georgian alfresco-ka.jar share-ka.jar repo-rm-ka.jar share-rm-ka.jar
Greek alfresco-el.jar share-el.jar repo-rm-el.jar share-rm-el.jar
Greenlandic alfresco-kl.jar share-kl.jar repo-rm-kl.jar share-rm-kl.jar
Hausa alfresco-ha.jar share-ha.jar repo-rm-ha.jar share-rm-ha.jar
Hindi alfresco-hi.jar share-hi.jar repo-rm-hi.jar share-rm-hi.jar
Hungarian alfresco-hu.jar share-hu.jar repo-rm-hu.jar share-rm-hu.jar
Icelandic alfresco-is.jar share-is.jar repo-rm-is.jar share-rm-is.jar
Kabyle alfresco-kab.jar share-kab.jar repo-rm-kab.jar share-rm-kab.jar
Korean alfresco-ko.jar share-ko.jar repo-rm-ko.jar share-rm-ko.jar
Lao alfresco-lo.jar share-lo.jar repo-rm-lo.jar share-rm-lo.jar
Latvian alfresco-lv.jar share-lv.jar repo-rm-lv.jar share-rm-lv.jar
Lithuanian alfresco-lt.jar share-lt.jar repo-rm-lt.jar share-rm-lt.jar
Macedonian alfresco-mk.jar share-mk.jar repo-rm-mk.jar share-rm-mk.jar
Nigerian Pidgin alfresco-pcm.jar share-pcm.jar repo-rm-pcm.jar share-rm-pcm.jar
Occitan alfresco-oc.jar share-oc.jar repo-rm-oc.jar share-rm-oc.jar
Pashto alfresco-ps.jar share-ps.jar repo-rm-ps.jar share-rm-ps.jar
Persian alfresco-fa.jar share-fa.jar repo-rm-fa.jar share-rm-fa.jar
Polish alfresco-pl.jar share-pl.jar repo-rm-pl.jar share-rm-pl.jar
Portuguese (project website) alfresco-pt-PT.jar share-pt-PT.jar repo-rm-pt-PT.jar share-rm-pt-PT.jar
Serbian alfresco-sr-CS.jar share-sr-CS.jar repo-rm-sr-CS.jar share-rm-sr-CS.jar
Sinhala alfresco-si-LK.jar share-si-LK.jar repo-rm-si-LK.jar share-rm-si-LK.jar
Slovak alfresco-sk.jar share-sk.jar repo-rm-sk.jar share-rm-sk.jar
Slovenian alfresco-sl.jar share-sl.jar repo-rm-sl.jar share-rm-sl.jar
Swedish alfresco-sv-SE.jar share-sv-SE.jar repo-rm-sv-SE.jar share-rm-sv-SE.jar
Thai alfresco-th.jar share-th.jar repo-rm-th.jar share-rm-th.jar
Turkish alfresco-tr.jar share-tr.jar repo-rm-tr.jar share-rm-tr.jar
Ukrainian alfresco-uk.jar share-uk.jar repo-rm-uk.jar share-rm-uk.jar
Vietnamese alfresco-vi.jar share-vi.jar repo-rm-vi.jar share-rm-vi.jar
Welsh alfresco-cy.jar share-cy.jar repo-rm-cy.jar share-rm-cy.jar
Yoruba alfresco-yo.jar share-yo.jar repo-rm-yo.jar share-rm-yo.jar

Follow these steps to install the language pack


You can download last archives with Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian translations below. These language groups were removed from CrowdIn because Alfresco included language packs for these languages to the core, and now they are available out of the box.

Language Repo file Share file
Portuguese, Brazilian alfresco-pt-BR.jar share-pt-BR.jar
Russian alfresco-ru.jar share-ru.jar